iStock_000015178749_LargePhysical Therapy:

We provide one-on-one, individualized treatments based on each client’s needs. The initial visit is scheduled for one hour, including paperwork. A detailed evaluation is performed by a licensed Physical Therapist who then discusses anatomical considerations and how they impact joint structures, posture, daily activities, and/or recreational activities.

Routine visits are scheduled for 45 minutes each. Based on evaluation findings treatment 1-2 times a week for four weeks may be recommended. Every 30 days a reassessment is performed by a licensed Physical Therapist who then adjusts or continues the treatment plan and frequency is based on progress. Ongoing adjustment/review of home exercises are performed every visit.

Once significant progress is made, therapist discusses a plan to wean the patient off physical therapy. Unlike traditional PT, the client is not discharged until the patient returns to daily/recreational life without a setback and has learned to watch out for any shifts that may cause reoccurrences. Meanwhile, treatment frequency may be reduced to 1-2 times a month, then every quarter to once a year.
Enough education is provided in self-management so patients can take charge of their own health.

We provide treatment for various conditions.

Wellness Therapy

Once discharged from skilled Physical Therapy, a client can choose maintenance appointments, if needed. At that point, a receipt of payment will be provided. Submitting a receipt of maintenance visits to insurance providers may not be reimbursed.

Other Services

Marma Therapy

We also have a trained professional who has a background in athletic training, soccer coaching and Reiki. These services are available upon request, but are not reimbursable by insurance.

iStock_000015374772_LargeOverview of Services and Pain Management



Management of headaches/Migraines

  • Manual technique to reduce/ eliminate headaches.
  • Teach self-management techniques.
  • Design individualized exercise program.
  • Provide resources for nutritional factors which may affect headache pattern.

Management of TMJ dysfunctions

  • Improve jaw opening/closing without pain.
  • Improve chewing/yawning without pain.
  • Specialized techniques such as facial bone mobilization in addition to the traditional approach of exercises, electrical stimulation, ultrasound. Therapists are trained to work inside mouth if needed, with a gentle approach.
  • Work in conjunction with an orthodontist to reset alignment after every mouthpiece adjustment.

Management of Chronic neck and back pain

  • Identify the source of misalignment.
  • Appropriate manual technique to reduce pain, inflammation, improves joint alignment and flexibility.
  • Individualized exercise program.
  • Postural education and various options to improve sitting at work, in the car, standing and walking tolerance.
  • Provide guidance on appropriate gym exercises, yoga, tai-chi and consult at a gym if necessary to ensure proper biomechanics are used to prevent further injury.

Treatment of postural imbalances

  • Evaluate posture.
  • Discuss normal alignment and how deviations impact joint structures.
  • An individualized exercise program to correct alignment.
  • Manual technique to reduce myofascial restrictions and improve alignment.

Treatment of sports-related/athletic/running injuries

  • Evaluate gait/running mechanics, need for orthotics
  • Provide detailed stretching routine based on sports activity and warm up routine to minimize injuries while playing sports.
  • Manual technique to reduce inflammation, correct joint alignment, promotes faster healing so most clients can return to active sports immediately (unless an acute process contraindicates return to sports by MD).

Treatment of scars/adhesions post-surgical- recent or old, scarring from accident-related injuries

  • One of the benefits of craniosacral therapy is that it can address connective tissue restrictions that are old or new. It is like peeling a layer of an onion. Connective tissues bind in a haphazard fashion causing a pull on different structures at various angles. By addressing each layer, it can provide self-correction thus reducing re-occurrences of symptoms. Once a pattern is corrected, it stays corrected for the most part. So longer lasting pain relief between each treatment is noted.
  • Once scarring is reduced, the focus is on strengthening tissues around it to provide additional stability.

Treatment of whiplash/traumatic injuries

  • When trauma is experienced from whiplash or any other form of injury, shock travels from one point in the body to outside creating a path or sustains within the body.
  • Various treatment options can treat joint or muscle or both alignment but finding a pull that impacts different structures at different angles is like a maze. One needs a GPS to navigate which happens when a trained craniosacral therapist uses her hands to guide them through the map of restrictions. Thus, symptoms of any injury can be resolved with much more efficiency.

Treatment of pelvic pain related to female problems/constipation/irritable bowel syndromes

  • Traditional treatment approaches sometimes fail to address restrictions in chest, abdominal cavity. We are trained in visceral mobilization which can address fascial pull along any organ structure, which impacts the mobility of an organ.

Tinnitus/Dizziness/sinus area pain/pressure/congestion

  • If facial bone restrictions are causing any of the symptoms mentioned above, mobilization of facial bones can help reduce above symptoms.

Management of sensory symptoms in children with autism/Asperger’s syndrome

  • Facial bone mobilization, sensory reintegration may benefit in the management of above symptoms.


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