RD Physical Therapy and Wellness“When I entered Perimenopause I began suffering from debilitating migraines. I tried everything Western Med had to offer. I learned a lot about managing them on my own but I still had low grade headaches that could last for weeks, making me miserable but semi functional. Just as I was beginning to think that the situation was as good as it would ever get, I was referred to Rupal Dave.

I walked into Rupal’s office with a bad headache and I walked out without it. The effects of her work are both short term and long term. My body learns and absorbs Rupal’s work. I no longer have real headaches but if I feel a little bit coming on, I’ll go see her. I can feel better just knowing I have a scheduled appointment. Rupal goes out of her way to get you in to see her as quickly as possible. I enjoy her calm demeanor and delightful personality. She’s a pro.

I now see life as ‘before Rupal” and “after Rupal'”.


“I was experiencing pain in several body parts, which was worsening and limiting my level of activity.

Rupal and Joyce were able to figure out the relationship of the different areas and what body parts needed to be addressed to decrease my pain.  Other more traditional treatments often just address the area of pain, and not the source of the pain, which limits progress.

My body has been gradually “rearranged” with each treatment, and my posture is continually improving.

With the improved alignment, my pain is decreasing and my level of functional activity and quality of life increases.

Rupal and Joyce are extremely skilled not only with assessing the source of  pain, but treating it effectively, and  instructing the patient in efficient home exercises/activities to augment the progress. They work well together to maximize the outcome, and are both very  patient and understanding with explaining exercises/body mechanics.

I am so grateful I have come to RDPT for my care!”


“If you think you have gone to a good physical therapist, think again!!  I was told that Rupal Dave is a miracle worker.  That was an understatement.  Rupal saved me from excruciating, debilitating pain that was causing me to lose a lot of time from work. Results were felt immediately after the first session.  Joyce and Rupal will sometimes exchange places during sessions. They work well together and their techniques compliment each other. I am so very glad I found them!!  I never realized there are different types of physical therapy, and I plan to never go to anyone else for PT.”


“I have been a patient of Rupal  Dave for several years. I would highly recommend Rupal and Joyce to anyone searching for a physical therapist. Their treatment is different from many physical therapists in a positive way. They treat the body as a whole instead of working on only one area. In doing this, they are able to alleviate pain and problems in the entire body.

Before going to Rupal Dave I had severe neck and shoulder pain and at least 3 or 4 migraines a week. I saw 2 chiropractors and several physical therapist in my search for relief from the pain.

After receiving treatment from Rupal, I am now relatively pain free. I rarely get a headache now.

It is amazing. She has helped me with several other problems, i.e.  severe heel pain and after a few treatments the pain subsided and has never returned.

I believe Rupal and Joyce have the best techniques to treat patients in pain. I am so grateful to have found them. I do not believe you can find better physical therapists than Rupal and Joyce.”


“I first came to Rupal Dave when I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disorder as a sophomore in high school. My doctor told me I may never be able to play sports again if I continue training as hard as I had been that summer. I was aspiring to be a division 1 lacrosse player at the time so you could imagine how hard it was to hear that. Rupal changed everything. I saw instant results and also gained a friend in the meantime. Each visit I felt so much better and she would also explain to me why things were going wrong. I could do weeks of traditional physical therapy and would not feel even close to as good as I do after one session with Rupal. She has changed my life and is always there for me when I need her. I often refer to her as a miracle worker. I am now a sophomore in college, playing division 1 lacrosse at Jacksonville University. I continue to see Rupal whenever I am home from college and if I could I would fly her to Florida because I don’t trust anyone like I trust her! I would recommend Rupal’s treatment to anyone, and I often do to many of the athletes that I know who need treatment.”


“I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to Rupal & Joyce (RD Physical Therapy & Wellness) for their outstanding technical diagnosis, physical therapy (PT) abilities and professional expertise for the last four years (2011-2015). Starting in 2009, without any warning signs, I developed serious head problems with serve pain in my neck and constant chronic migraine headaches. From 2009 through 2010 several medical expert doctors performed tests (e.g.; lumbar aspiration, fluid flow and blood clotting, etc.) and prescribed multiple trial and error drugs. None of these tests and severe side-effect drugs helped alleviate my chronic problems. During this period of time (2009 – 2010) I also visited several highly recommended physical therapists 2-3 times a week whose techniques never helped to relieve my chronic neck and headache problems. Actually, most of the time after visiting several PT’s the pain got worse. I was getting frustrated that nothing would help my problems.

In Dec 2010 I was referred to ‘Headache Specialist Dr. M. Ribeiro’ by Neurologist Dr. Ansher. After several visits and tests she correctly diagnosed my symptoms as chronic Occipital Neuralgia. After prescribing the appropriate drugs to reduce my chronic pain, Dr. Ribeiro highly recommended Rupal and Joyce as the best physical therapists (PT) in their specialty to maneuver my neck & spine tendons and muscles since I couldn’t turn my neck more than total of 5 degrees from each side.  All their carefully planned exercise techniques were done only by their hand motion and not by machines such as traction-type machines which could do me more harm than good. Rupal and Joyce showed such confidence in their techniques that I was very determined to do all the home exercises that were prescribed. From 2011 to 2014, I went to Rupal and Joyce PT 2-3 days a week.  In 2014 I reduced my PT visits to once a week since I finally could rotate & maneuver my neck in a normal position (45 degrees from each side). For the last 6 months Rupal and Joyce also strongly recommended that I join a gym and use only an elliptical trainer since this type of exercise machine is the best machine to help maneuver the tendons and muscles from my neck down to my lower spine independent of each other.

I plan to use Rupal and Joyce in the future any time I need a tune-up. They are very accommodating and will see their patients in the same week. Finally, I sincerely believe that Rupal, Joyce and Dr. Ribeiro saved my life in solving my chronic neck and headache pain issues to the point that I can enjoy a normal life with family.”



I first came to RD Physical Therapy after experiencing headaches, jaw and TMJ pain, and neck pain for more than year. I had tried physical therapy elsewhere, as well as doing everything else I could think of – using pain relievers, changing my diet, changing my work station to be more ergonomic, going to acupuncture, getting a new bite guard, and trying muscle relaxants – but the pain level would not reduce. Rupal did not promise a magic bullet but she took a comprehensive approach – looking not just a one place where the pain was but seeing how it all interconnected and figuring out where the sources were. It took several visits but gradually the pain began to reduce. And, with time, Rupal helped me to become pain free. She made a tremendous difference in my quality of life.

When the pain was at it worse knowing that I could go to see her to get relief is what got me through. Although there were other physical therapy practices much closer to my house, I did not get the same pain reduction and lasting relief when I went there. Rupal is very knowledgeable, response, and took the time to really figure out what the problem specific to my body was and how to alleviate it. Her craniosacral approach was different than other approaches I have seen (and better!) and I wish I had found her earlier during the year seeking help from other specialists. Thank you Rupal for the time and care you gave me and the huge difference you made.”


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