Testimonial #1

I was experiencing pain in several body parts, which was worsening and limiting my level of activity.

Rupal and Joyce were able to figure out the relationship of the different areas and what body parts needed to be addressed to decrease my pain.  Other more traditional treatments often just address the area of pain, and not the source of the pain, which limits progress.

My body has been gradually “rearranged” with each treatment, and my posture is continually improving.

With the improved alignment, my pain is decreasing and my level of functional activity and quality of life increases.

Rupal and Joyce are extremely skilled not only with assessing the source of  pain, but treating it effectively, and  instructing the patient in efficient home exercises/activities to augment the progress. They work well together to maximize the outcome, and are both very  patient and understanding with explaining exercises/body mechanics.

I am so grateful I have come to RDPT for my care!